Our Approach

We are bringing you the largest data base of fitness, ranging from what your nutritional intake should look like to the amount of repetitions you should be doing per exercise, or even simply how frequently you should be eating.

Our Story

Starting off as personal trainers, we felt that we did not have a large enough impact on the fitness community and wanted to do something slightly bigger to help people reach their fitness goals, hence why we started our larger tailored plans in 2008, and we have grown  and helped worldwide, more than I ever thought we ever would.

Meet the Team


Regan McCook

Founder & Personal Trainer

Phone number: +44 / 783900303



Eric Teagan

Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Phone number: +44 / 84348934



Timothy Barrett

Personal Trainer & Athlete

Phone number: +44 / 494903432


Next Steps...

Feel free to contact any of us either via email or phone or even better simply click the green button and purchase one of our fitness plans directly online.